Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oklahoma Horror Show

What happened in Oklahoma last night was sickening and repulsive. They basically tortured him to death. Is America OK with that? Is America OK with the statistical probability that 4% of people executed are likely innocent? Is America OK with the fact that only China, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia execute more people than we do? Is America OK with the fact that whether someone gets executed in this country is the result of a macabre lottery and that the blacker you are and the poorer you are the more likely it is that your number will come up? It seems we are.

Don't talk to me about "American exceptionalism" anymore. Don't talk to me about what barbarians those "other" people in the world are, and how their religion (or lack thereof) makes them violent savages. A man was tortured to death last night in America under the guise of "justice". Shame on us.

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