Friday, January 17, 2014

About the title---and other stuff

People have asked me in the past about blogging (no, really, they have!). I've decided to give it a go, and if it only serves to give me a reason to think some things through for myself and no one else reads it, I believe it will still be worth it.

First things first, I would assume that if you are reading this you know who I am, but on the off-chance you've accidentally stumbled upon this, and the even more off-chance you care, I am a criminal defense lawyer based in Charlotte, NC. I specialize in serious felony and homicide defense. Yes, that means I work around murder and mayhem and those that are involved in it. I have handled numerous capital cases (i.e. where the State was looking to kill my client) and, thankfully, have never had a client sentenced to death. I work for the most part with indigent clients (i.e poor people) and am paid in a large number of the most serious cases by the State of North Carolina.

The title of this blog comes from a question that all criminal defense lawyers hear at some point in their lives, and to which I was subjected (along with several insults and ill-wishes upon me and my family) today on, of all places, Facebook. An individual convicted of a homicide in PA involving a toddler is apparently up for parole, and a person who was outraged by this characterized the individual's defense attorney as a "slimeball". I foolishly inquired as to why the attorney was a "slimeball", and was quickly informed that it was because he had done his job and represented his client as best he could. I then, even more foolishly, responded that this was also my line of work, and if that made me a "slimeball", oh well. It was then that a nice person whom I've never met asked me the question of my sleeping habits, suggested that perhaps bad things should happen to members of my family (boy, would that teach me) and informed me that I made them ill. They also informed me that my "fat wallet" was not worth being a "slimeball". The "fat wallet" comment was especially hilarious since, as I said, I represent mostly indigent clients and get paid an hourly rate lower than any plumber or other repairman who comes to your house.

So, how do I sleep at night? Usually just fine, thanks. I really and truly believe what we were taught about the Bill of Rights and know, that everyone is presumed innocent, that no one should go to jail unless the State can prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, that everyone (yeah, everyone) is entitled to a lawyer (preferably one who knows what the hell they're doing) and a vigorous defense, and, ESPECIALLY, that if you make sure that the system gives the worst of the worst a fair trial then the system as a whole works better for everyone. I've met a lot of people along the way. Some who have done really terrible things. But I'll tell you a secret. I can count on one hand the number of folks I've represented who were just flat-out bad people. Most got to where they were through combinations of factors. Part of my job is to try and get judges and juries to see that. Sometimes I can. Often I can't.

That's how this little venture got its name. I'll post about stuff that comes up in my cases and other legal matters going on around the country. As a forewarning, I can get a little blunt and am not afraid to curse if the spirit moves me. If you want to comment, have at it....for those that know me, you already know I like to argue.


  1. Thanks Bob - looking forward to reading more from you. And you have never been a slimeball, unless you were subjected during your Davidson Fannie & Mable days to the "snu-hole"! Trudge on!

  2. Look forward to reading your blogs!